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Stop settling.
Start taking your career & life to new heights.

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Whether you want to explore exciting new directions...

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To expand the number and range of people you reach...

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Or finally make the kind of breakthrough you've always dreamed of...

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We will help you build the skills and the will to get there.

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Career Coaching

Why settle for the job & career you have rather than the one you really want? If you've been thinking about making changes in your professional & personal life, Pratt can help you make that leap to a more meaningful and fulfilling path.

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Habit Upgrades

Featured in Charles Duhigg's book the Power of Habit, Pratt helps his clients get incredible results by making weekly shifts to steadily replace habits that have been holding them back with ones that can transform their work and lives.

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Leading Your Life & Career On Purpose

This is a live career-transition group workshop that Pratt co-directs with executive coach Rob Greenly several times a year to help professionals rediscover what matters most to them and begin an exploratory quest for new opportunities.


Public Speaking

As an expert and trainer in the Neuroscience of Learning and Decision Making, Pratt has a wealth of insights to share with your audience. Instead of delivering standard speeches, Pratt leads exciting and interactive speaking events that engage the audience, give them new tools and knowledge to help improve the way they think and make decisions, and provide them with something they can adapt and experiment with immediately.

Pratt also coaches leaders on developing their public speaking skills to advance their goals and careers.

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Success Stories

What Pratt's Clients Are Saying


"It's not very often I come across a coach who not only has passion and insight to offer to the coaching relationship, but also an ability to coach with such force that you have no choice but to step up in your life. You will realize with the first 10 minutes that he is unlike anyone else you have ever met. With him by your side, you get to see your true value, your worth, and who you were meant to be all along."

Christina Rasmussen


“Pratt's coaching defies expectation. He not only helped me conceptualize my career path, but he also helped me refine and deliver a TED talk, turning it a proud milestone in my career. He coached me on pitching skills and made me confident in my ability to impact my future and take it to the next level. With Pratt’s help, you can start speaking on much bigger stages.

Lucas Vidal


"I initially started working with Pratt with to gain greater ability as a composer for video games, but as our sessions continued, I found myself making incredible strides physically, emotionally, and musically. Since finishing coaching sessions with Pratt, I can safely say that my life as a whole has only gotten better and better. I no longer fear the uncertainties of the future, but instead, am ready to embrace them.”

Akash Thakkar


"Pratt helped me to recognize the goals that define my life and created a system for me to walk toward my goals steadily and confidently. With Pratt's creative approach and his encouragement to take one step at a time, I was able to make great headway on goals that will continue to guide me through life.

Liz Longley


"Pratt has proven to be one of the most catalytic elements in my personal growth over the past four years. Pratt's always encouraged me to challenge myself, reach deeper, higher and farther in my various journeys, be they professional, personal or interpersonal. Working with Pratt has helped me leap lightyears ahead from where I'd been and has been a life-changing, eye- opening, truly transforming experience that I'll never forget."

Michael Hazani


“With Pratt's expert help, I was able to match my talent and skill with a target client group that really values what I provide: family physicians. My business has become more profitable than ever! What could be better than that? If you are really ready to live your dreams rather than just sit around dreaming, then work with Pratt. He will get you there.”

Penny Paucha


"Pratt is an insightful coach who challenges anyone who walks in his door to work towards their full potential. He helps set up short and long-term goals that are relevant to both one's personal and professional growth. Everyone I've encountered that has worked with Pratt has made leaps and bounds down the path of becoming the best version of ourself."

Nicolas Adam Owens

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Working with Pratt taught me to think differently than most people in my field. Instead of waiting for someone to call me, I create my own work and projects and find sponsors that never thought they want to be involved in the music business. Instead of playing small concert venues, I ended up being involved in shooting a documentary, producing a music video for the city of Luxembourg promoting an anti-racism message, and giving lectures about how you can integrate immigrants through music. He also taught me the importance of the concept of failing up and always trying to set my goals as high as possible instead of setting them short. Pratt has been a key figure in the success of my career.

Ben Konen

Home: Testimonials
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"Working with Pratt has changed my approach to solving challenging professional issues. He has helped me recognize and utilize my own tools to accomplish my goals. His knowledge of neuroscience and human motivation is a perfect fit to work with professionals. Pratt's positive attitude is contagious. Whenever we complete a conversation, I feel as though my channels have been reset and I am always more prepared to conquer the challenges of the day."

Alison Morse

"Pratt is a force to be reckoned with... a relentless ball of energy who will not quit until success has been found. He had me write a positive review of myself, assessing my relative strengths and skill sets. This way, it was more convincing. If you can articulate your strengths to yourself, then you are one step closer to advancing yourself professionally.”

Gabriel Holl

"I only had one goal when I first met Pratt, but he taught me to see beyond that goal. I learned that pursuing a goal is a series of new beginnings, that step by step, we gain experience and knowledge. It sounds simple, but it was a revelation for me and gave me a more positive outlook on everything. My journey is to learn who I am and what I can do for the people whom I love. He helped me realize that!"

Shotaro Kaizuka

"Pratt is an inspirational and motivational coach who showed me how to take control of my life and how to realize personal goals one step at a time, while resolving many conflicts that I had to overcome. He pointed out that there is always more than one path, and this allowed me to consider many different scenarios, and with his guidance, decide which ones would work and which wouldn’t. Pratt prepared me to be the best I could in a situation, no matter what the outcome. You become the captain of your own ship, and he will help you chart and navigate your course."

Jay Rice

"I began my coaching sessions with Pratt with the intention to make my life ‘work better’. Through his coaching, I have been able to design how to make my life not only workable but more enjoyable, fun and productive. After every coaching call, I feel empowered, acknowledged and energized. I am clear of what action I need to take to make my dreams a reality. Pratt uses his extensive knowledge of neuroscience research and his experience to provide an outstanding coaching service. His ability to listen, decipher what I am actually saying and then help me create what I need in my life in that moment is extraordinary! An area in my life that I have always struggled with is to maintain an exercise routine. Since working with Pratt, I am now maintaining a regular, exercise schedule for over 6 months and I have lost weight too! Exercising is no longer something I ‘should’ do, it’s something that I ‘want’ to do! How can it get any better than that??? I am so grateful that you’ve been on my self-exploration journey with me! Thank you for your superhuman abilities as a coach, Pratt!

Renee Freeman

"I cannot say enough about how much happier and peaceful my life has become 
since working with Pratt as a life coach. Pratt not only helped me grow professionally, he helped me grow ME! I am so much more aware of what I am and am not willing to do for others. I am conscious of the fact that "I AM ENOUGH and that no matter what the day brings, I have the resources to take it on. Pratt taught me to stop and take the time to acknowledge the positive things that were happening in my life. This simple lesson in reflection continues to energize me and push me in a positive direction."

Lisa Humphreys

"Pratt was not just a coach, he was a 'brain Master' for me. He showed me how to look at different issues from different points of view. His way of working was challenging, but after a few weeks, I understood what he was doing. I realized that he was not talking to me, but instead, to my mind. He encouraged me to look at my life through my brain, not through my eyes. He advised me to plan my life with a step-by-step approach, and before moving to any new step, I needed to make sure that I'd done the previous one well. I'm so delighted to know someone with this amazing ability"

Mahdi Ali Alalmaie

“I felt like I was at almost at a standstill as I sought to launch a new part of my business. Pratt's program's training helped me refocus and gave me practical tools to build balance and effectiveness into my life. I resumed some good health habits like reguIar exercise, learned how to develop a more playful and less driven approach to my marketing, and am on my way to achieving my goal."

Doris Yoder

  "I decided to leave my previous profession in order to start my own business. It was an incredibly hard decision to make and Pratt helped me in the early transition stages to feel good about this change. He helped me to see that I had everything I needed through life experience to start my new career. We set goals and assignments at each session that kept me focused and moving forward. His approach is very upbeat and encouraging!"

Nell Griffin

"Pratt inspired me to think beyond the normal constraints of everyday thinking and really create my own path. He also supported me in listening to my own intuitive voice and encouraged me to trust it while making important life and career decisions, decisions that ultimately led me to great happiness and fulfillment."

Alison Wright

"Pratt's gentle and results-focused methods literally opened my eyes in new and brilliant ways and has transformed my spirit in phenomenal new ways. I rediscovered the childlike sense of excitement in each gift of a day and literally felt I had MORE time using his tools. I was hesitant to sign up, thinking I had no time and already knew all there was to know about change, but I can assure you empathically that you will grow and excel in ways that will truly amaze you. I cannot recommend Pratt highly enough if you’re ready to tackle areas in your life that hold you back and prevent you from being all you can be!

Priscilla Merrill

“I used to scoff at coaching. I’ve always been an extremely self-directed person who thought she had the answers. Then I entered into an agreement with Pratt for a 12-week coaching experience. Over that period, Pratt guided me in ways that helped me choose what to focus on in my life and how to achieve things that I never would have otherwise. The most important outcome was this: changing a very old, negative belief I'd always had about myself. The best thing is that this change feels permanent.  Pratt has an amazing ability to listen to lots of information and keep it all in his head in order to draw from it week after week. He is smart, intuitive, energetic, and positive – qualities anyone would seek in a coach. I guess I have to admit, I’m a believer now.”

Rhea Becker

"Pratt has helped me find and use my own skills to recognize my strengths and develop goals to establish boundaries with my clients, friends, and family. This growth has allowed me to be both mentally and physically healthier to spend more time with positive and successful people. I have learned I can grow beyond anything I thought I could and not let others limit me. I have learned to “Make That Leap,” live in the moment, be content and happy, and enjoy success and life. I will be forever grateful for your program, your guidance, and encouragement, Pratt."

Debbie Karas

"I initially approached Pratt with a specific path in mind and not only did my sessions with him bring me further along that path, they unearthed so many more areas of discovery than I had ever anticipated. Pratt's dedication, patience, and extraordinary knowledge helped me develop a clearer, clamer, and more balanced outlook to my future. It was hard work, but his relentless enthusiasm carried me through some challenging moments and I know the rewards will be timeless. I learned to: Slow down, be present, not take myself too seriously, live, and most importantly, BE BRAVE. Thank you, Pratt!

Jodi O'Rourke

"With the help of Pratt's positive, unflagging energy, I've moved from feeling ostracized to having a social calendar filled with activities and meetings. I've finally started writing my book that I'd procrastinated on for a long time. I won't soon forget how inspirational, enthusiastic, and practical Pratt's guidance of us through the program was. Thank you, Pratt, for a 'wild ride' of accomplishments and pride in my newfound ability to make and stick to a plan. We truly did learn how to make our own 'leaps of faith.'

Nina Ravey

"Pratt's coaching was a life-changing experience. I had no idea that I could learn skills and best practices that would become automatic and create a level of organization that I thought I could never achieve. Working with Pratt helped me to get caught up on months of backlog and make my current work much more automatic and timely. The strategies that I developed working with Pratt have also carried over into my personal life, allowing me to focus more time and attention on my family.

Leslie Sharpe

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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About Pratt

Pratt has over 20 years of experience coaching professionals from around the world in a wide range of industries. He got his coaching certification from Results Coaching/The Neuroleadership Institute, which is the world leader in providing clients with researched-backed, brain-based approaches to help clients make meaningful and lasting improvements to their lives & careers. 

Pratt  is passionate about helping his clients to get unstuck and embrace their full potential because he went through years of being stuck, underpaid, undervalued, and unfulfilled in a job and life he had outgrown. The incredible burst of growth and discoveries he made once he had left that job showed him that all the reasons he had stayed there were based on fear, not facts. That is an experience that inspires him daily to help his clients overcome any and all obstacles to their growth.

As you'll see in the Success Stories above, if you work with Pratt, you'll quickly move from tired to inspired, from unfulfilled to unstoppable. If you're ready to stop settling for what you have now, you'll ​be amazed by how much more your life can hold.

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